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All end-user facing pages should support internationalization. This applies to login forms and account management. This should be done by enabling internationalization for a realm and providing internationalization support in themes. Realm config. A realm should have the following configuration options: Enable internationalization keycloak.autodetect-bearer-only This should be set to true if your application serves both a web application and web services. It allows for the redirection of unauthorized users of the web application to the Identity Service sign in page, but send a HTTP 401 to unauthenticated SOAP or REST clients. Jul 24, 2020 路 The commercial version of Keycloak in fact goes by the name RedHat Single-Sign-On. So, it goes without saying, SSO functionality is supported in both of these solutions. Both WSO2 Identity Server and Keycloak support the two most common SSO protocols, SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect.